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  • Consultation on first phase of Stretford to Quays cycleway

    Consultation on first phase of Stretford to Quays cycleway

    Long waited movement on the Stretford to Quays cycleway seems imminent as the Wharfside Way element is being put out to consultation. Got to admit that travelling from the stadium, I’d normally take John Gilbert Way to get to Fraser Place but I can see that this route serves a lot more. From a purely […]

  • Labour’s Runners 4 next MP

    Labour’s Runners 4 next MP

    We have a longlist for Labour’s replacement to stand for parliament when Kate Green’s term ends. It looks a quality field This will be the third selection since the constituency was created and we can already say that once again there’s been no parachute in of a favourite candidate and no stitching up to prevent […]

  • Stretford Town Centre – Consultation

    Stretford Town Centre – Consultation

    Currently, Chester Road and Kingsway sever the Mall from the rest of Stretford and create dangerous, uncomfortable crossings for residents and high levels of pollution and noise. Stretford Town Centre Consultation – Accessibility My thoughts on the Accessibility of the Town Centre Too limited in scale. The plan assumes that people only walk to the […]

  • Couple of pieces of Casework

    Couple of pieces of Casework

    This week has brought a couple of pieces of casework that have not resulted in complete resolution (though have managed to get a couple of potholes fixed) but still worth the work in pursuing further. Potholes in Lostock There’s a lot of potholes in Norwich Road at its junction with Moss Vale Road. They’re not […]

  • Scrutiny under the microscope

    Scrutiny under the microscope

    Big Agenda for Last Executive Meeting before Election Scrutiny looking to improve its Outcomes When the Cabinet System was adopted by Trafford, there was a clear expectation that Scrutiny would be an influential and effective means of holding the Executive Members of Cabinet to account for the important decisions whilst allowing the routine day to […]